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Your Conference Live brings people together for scientific sharing for all kinds of events. We've got a pack of tools for that.

Solutions for All of Your Events

If "pivot" was the word for 2020, then "flexibility" is where we are looking forward to from here. Your Conference Live has the most modern and flexible solutions, with the experience and track record you need to take your event to where it needs to go.

Engagement is Key

Our platform was created by top industry leaders in presentation management to improve audience engagement and loyalty with simple, friendly tools. Your Conference Live knows the take-aways we all benefit from. Whether its the learning and CME credits for the attendees or the insight gleaned from polling and metadata for you, the YCL platform is the perfect place for gathering and collaboration.

Content Driven Platform

Unlike many other webinar platforms, Your Conference Live is built around user content, not vice versa. We don't let the 'medium' interfere with the message to your audience or learner group.

Scalable Technology

YCL is perfect for meetings of any size, whether it be for 10 or 10,000 attendees.  No matter the size of your event, our unique program with its powerful awareness and analytics tools provide the confidence you need to have a successful meeting.

Real-Time Interaction

Our broadcast is the fastest in the industry. With YCL there's none of that long lag at the end of a poll while the audience waits for the results to show.

Made for Humans

YCL technology doesn't come between people. In fact, our virtual platform gives people more opportunity for collaboration than anyone else. User-friendly controls make getting started the easiest thing you could imagine. With YCL your meetings are all about people.

Control Your Future

YCL gives you the ultimate set of tools to communicate efficiently and effectively with your membership, either online or onsite, or both. All on one integrated platform. No need to consolidate data, that is all done automatically.

Picture Your Next Event

Do you want to see a polished, professional experience for every participant?

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Your Conference Live

YCL is made up of technicians, developers, designers, producers, and writers with a single goal: to produce the best event experience possible. Always striving for new possibilities, YCL is driven by a uniquely talented and inspired management team.

Mark Rosenthal

Senior Consultant

Shannon Morton

Senior Consultant

Mishka Ishwarpesad


Cool Solutions


Specialists in Life Sciences seminars and panel discussions. CME ready learning measurement and time keeping.

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Virtual Conference

Made popular over the past year, virtual conferences are here to stay. Economical and inclusive, the YCL virtual platform, either 2D or3D, is the perfect meeting space for conferences of all sizes.

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Hybrid Meetings

Ensure the highest degree of participation at your next event. Our onsite app seamlessly integrates with the online participants. Polling, Q&A, Chats are simultaneously available to all. Analytics are instant and comprehensive.

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What's Important to You?

Analytics? Collaboration? Ease of Use?

YCL has everything to get you covered. Producers, technicians, and global reach, all on the fastest platform you will find.

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